Eastern Massachusetts Girl's Soccer Coaches Association

Eastern Massachusetts Girls Soccer Coaches Association © 2015-2019

The Constitution and By-Laws
of the
Eastern Massachusetts Girls Soccer Coaches Association

Article I. Name
    Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the “Eastern Massachusetts Girls Soccer Coaches Association”, or “EMGSCA” for short.

Article II. Mission Statement and Goals
    Section 1. The Mission Statement of the EMGSCA is the promotion and well-being of girls high school soccer.
    Section 2. The goals of the EMGSCA are as follows:
            1.     To promote high school girls soccer on the local, regional, state, and national level.
            2.    To put forth initiatives that are in the best interests of the female student athletes.
            3.    To advise state and local organizations on how best to promote and support the well-being of girls high school soccer.
            4.    To educate and promote the education of high school coaches and student-athletes.
            5.    To recognize girls soccer excellence.

Article III. Membership
    Section 1. Membership Levels
            1.    NSCAA Membership will be any member who has paid NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) and EMGSCA dues.
            2.    State Membership will be any member who has paid only EMGSCA dues.
            3.    All Members should be current or former coaching staff of high school girls soccer teams.
            4.    Only NSCAA Membership and EMGSCA Membership shall receive EMGSCA Awards and Benefits.
    Section 2. Membership Responsibilities
            1.    Members should follow the EMGSCA mission statement of the promotion and well-being of high school girls soccer, and assist in the organizations drive to achieve its goals.
Article IV. Executive Board
    Section 1. The members and responsibilities of the Executive Board shall be:
            1.    President shall handle the membership process, arranging meetings, sponsorship, MIAA or NSCAA liaison, creates meeting agendas, helps establish special projects, oversight of the organization
            2.    Vice-President shall handle being the MIAA or NSCAA liaison, does the President's responsibilities when needed
            3.    Secretary will record minutes and attendance of all meetings and events
            4.    Treasurer will handle finances and any possible fees, dues, or gates
            5.    Education Coordinator will work with the NSCAA to provide coaching education, as well as in-house opportunities like the annual clinic
            6.    All-Star Coordinator shall work with each of the 4 division co-coordinators, runs the All-Star Selection Process and All-Star Game
            7.    Public Relations shall assist in managing the Website, Social Media, Press Releases, etc.
            8.    Sportsmanship and Service Awards shall handle the Excellence Awards for Sportsmanship, Service, Coach of the Year, and other awards.
            9.    Special Project Chair(s) shall manage projects chosen by the Executive committee to move the organization forward, such as a Banquet, Jamboree, Showcase, MIAA Advisory, etc.
            10.    Past Presidents shall be Non-voting board advisors.

    Section 2. All Executive Board members will be nominated annually by the non-board members of the Leadership Team at the All-Star meeting.  Nominees shall be elected to office at the first
    meeting after the All-Star Game.

    Section 3. The Executive Board and Leadership Committee shall formulate all policies and plans.

    Section 4. The Executive Board shall arrange and plan all meetings of the Executive Board, Leadership Committee, and EMGSCA Membership.

    Section 5. The Executive Board may amend the appendices of this Constitution and By-Laws by a 2/3rd vote.

Article V. Leadership Committee
    Section 1. The members and responsibilities of the Leadership Committee shall be:
            1.    League Representatives – Shall represent their League in all voting matters.
            2.    Independent Teams Coordinator – Shall help organize, inform, and represent any teams not represented in a League format.  This includes any teams being the only member team from their League.
            3.    Regional Teams Coordinator – Shall assist in informing and increasing membership in their region.
            4.    Division Coordinators – Help organize any honors given out by division.
    Section 2. The Executive Board and Leadership Committee shall formulate all policies and plans.
    Section 3. The Leadership Team shall act as a Nominating Committee for Executive Board members.

Article VI. Special Project Committees and Chairs

    Section 1. The Executive Board may approve of Special Project Committees with Chairs that Fall within the organizations mission statement and goals.

    Section 2. Special Project Chairs will be voting members of the Executive Board.

Article IX. Dues

    Section 1. The Dues Process is in Appendix A.

    Section 2. The NSCAA dues structure is controlled by the NSCAA.

Article X. Benefits

    Section 1.  EMGSCA Membership allows a coach to be part of the Eastern Massachusetts All-Star and All-State All-Star Process.

    Section 2. NSCAA and EMGSCA Membership allows a coach to be part of the All-New England and All-American Process.

    Section 3. See Appendix B for the All-Star Process.

    Section 4. See Appendix C for Education Benefits.

Article XI. Amendments

    Section 1. The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any called meeting of the EMGCSA by a two-thirds vote of EMGSCA Full and State Membership present.

    Section 2. The Appendices may be amended by a 2/3rds vote of the Executive Board.

Appendix A. Dues Structure
    $50 for a coach per season.
    $105 for NSCAA and EMGSCA membership, a savings of $40 per season.  Must be done through the NSCAA

Appendix B. All-Star Selection Process
    1.    You must be an EMGSCA Member to nominate an All-Star.
    2.    You must be a NSCAA Member to nominate an all-star for All-New England or All-American.
    3.    The All-Star Coordinator will determine the due dates.
        a.    Any qualified All-Star submitted after the due date will be relegated to Second Team.
    4.    Each League Determines a Ranking of their Top Players, depending on League Size, and must be submitted before the deadline.
        a.    Players may not be reorganized in contradiction to the League Rankings, unless one of the players in question was “relegated”.
        b.    Players should be ranked by ability, not team record, standings, or division.
        c. How to determine the number of Nominations
                1. Leagues
                           a. Leagues must have 50% membership to submit a League Ranking List.
                           b. Teams that do not have 50% membership may nominate players as an Independent School.
                           c. Leagues get 1.75 points per Division 1 School, 1.5 points per Division 2 school, 1.25 points per Division 3 School, and 1 point per Division 4 School.
                           d. For League Nominations, add up the number of points and  round down.
                 2. Leagues that do no cross-over games by division have the option to submit individually as Divisions and not as a League, as long as the number of Nominees, First Team,
                    and All-State do not exceed the number of  Nominees, First Team, and All-State if the League submitted a combined list.
                        a. Divisions may do this to meet the 50% rule, but the total nominations will be based on the Division alone and not the League.
                 3. Independent Schools
                            a. Independent Schools will be combined into an "Independent League" for the purpose of Nominations.  The Number of Nominees, First Team, and All-State
                             will follow the same formula as any League would.
                            b. Independent Schools will determine the Ranking of players before the All-New England selection process.
                            c. This group may include teams whose League did not meet the 50% membership criteria.
    5.    Each of the 4 MIAA divisions will select an MVP.
        a.    Each League gets one vote when selecting Divisional MVPs.
        b.    The number of Divisions is determined by the MIAA.
        c. There will be a North and South MVP for each division.
    6. First Team selections are determined by the number of nominees in each League.
        a.    The number of First team all-stars is half the total number of League nominees, rounding up if necessary.
        b.    Any player who does not make the First team is on the Second team.
    7.    All-State Selections are determined by the number nominees in each League.
           a. All-States are one half the number of First Team players in the League, rounding up if necessary
    8.    All-New England and All-Americans are selected by the membership as a whole.
        a.    Each League gets one vote, regardless of division.
        b.    The number of All-New England and All-Americans are determined by the number of NSCAA members in EMGSCA.
        c.    Only Coaches who are NSCAA members may nominate for All-New England and All-American selection.
        d.    Division Rankings are null for the All-American and All-New England Rankings
        e. Any coach may speak on a player's behalf, but only League Representatives may vote.  
        f. Only the 1st or 2nd Ranked players in a League may be nominated for All-New England or All-American
                    1. Coaches may appeal if their player is ranked 3rd in the League.  This must be done prior to the All-New England voting.
    9. Appeals
        a. Players who are ranked one spot away from first team may appeal to the League Reps to get First Team status.
        b. Players who are ranked 3rd in their League may appeal to be eligible for All-New England selection.
        c. Coaches may appeal if their player is ranked 3rd in the League to be considered for All-New England or All-American.  This must be done prior to the All-New England voting.
    10.    All-Star Game
        a.    All First Team All-Stars are invited to play in the game.
        b.    The All-Star Coordinator determines the best way to select teams for the game.
        c.    Additional second-team players may be added to balance teams by position (example – goalkeepers).


Appendix C.  Awards
    1.    All awards are for EMGSCA members only.
    2.    Awards are selected by the Executive Committee unless otherwise stated.
    3.    Coach of the Year
        a.    EMGSCA will select a Coach of the Year for each division.
        b.    The Number of Divisions is determined by the MIAA.
        c.    Each League is encouraged to submit a Coach of the Year.
    4.    Hall of Fame
        a.    A player or coach may be nominated by any EMGSCA member.
        b.    Current Hall of Fame Members may choose who to induct into the EMass Hall of Fame for Girls Soccer.
    5.    Sportsmanship
        a.    Team
                i.    Please submit sportsmanship nominees to the proper coordinator.
                ii.    Ideally, it is an act of sportsmanship you witnessed and were not a part of.
                iii.    Awards shall be given at the discretion of the Executive Board based on finances and submissions.
        b.    Individual (Based on Positive Coaching Triple Competitor Award)
                i.    Committed to improving herself
                ii.    Focuses on helping others, uses positive reinforcement and prioritizes team success
                iii.    Respects the rules, opponents, officials, teammates, and self and strives to make the game better
                iv.    Please provide an example on how the player meets the above criteria.
                v.    Submissions should be given to the appropriate coordinator.
    6.    Service Award
        a.    Any team may be nominated
        b.    Team
                i.    The team supports a cause other than soccer
                ii.    The team makes a significant contribution to that cause
        c.    Individual
                i.    An individual who commits time to a cause other than soccer
                ii.    The individual makes a great impact by doing so
    7.    Excellence Award
        a.    One player may be nominated per team.
        b.    Criteria
                i.    Have made significant contributions to the team
                ii.    Represent the finest attributes of a team player
                iii.    Consistently projects a positive attitude
                iv.    Displays team leadership
                v.    Ideally it is a senior player
    8.    All-Scholastic Team
        a.    Be a Senior
        b.    Sport a 3.75 GPA or higher
        c.    Be an EMass First or Second Team All-Star
    9.    Player of the Week
        a.    Submitted by EMGSCA Coaches
        b.    Method of selection chosen by the Executive Board
    10.    Goal of the Year
        a.    Submitted by EMGSCA Coaches
        b.    Allowed to send one goal per team
        c.    Method of selection chosen by the Executive Board